Investment Opportunity

Own a Stable Profitable Business without Knowing Business.

Be a franchise owner in Africa's economic revolution.

UPAP represents dividend magnets to Development Channels’ group of 25 companies paying holders $100 per slot per month through the BWS Platform.

Breakfast Africa represents dividend magnets to the profits of the “good morning” series from the Pan African corporation, Breakfast Africa and pays between $5 to $8 per slot per month.

Our Mission

To remain the Leading source of capital for the industrialization of the African continent.


To be the leading provider of capital and artificial intelligence to commercial projects in the African continent.

Core Values

Compassionate Capitalism

Welcome to the Black Wall Street platform.

This is a Pan African Center of commerce with focus on retaining and reinvesting over $203 billion dollars in capital flight from the African continent. Inside this platform, are countless opportunities under 16 roles.

Pick the role you want to participate in to read about it and create your free account if comfortable with its description. You can also look at other roles before you make up your mind. Whatever role you decide to play on the BWS platform, never forget to put Africa first.



Thank you BWS for the NO DROP OUT TABLET that i recieved from you,it has really helped me as a teacher when teacher my students I dont need to go to go to a cafeagain as I can use it as a laptop and acess to whatever I want.

Thank you for this wonderful gadget


The company has blessed me i recieved the tablet which has helped me to be on world wide social media, it has fast internet, browsers very nice looking. long live the founder,long live Black Wall Street, all of you around the world should support BWS and you will see more and more benefits.

Facts and Numbers

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