Community Wash

A walk down the stream to wash clothes provided the most community social bonding times in Africa leading to marriages, friendships and trade partnerships. Urban centres and pursuit of imperialists ideals has not only destroyed our cultures but destroyed the social fabric of our society further alienating us from one another leading to greater economic difficulties.

Majority of African families find issues regarding washing of clothes to be a nightmare and a burden. Parents hardly have time for such and children consider it a punishment leaving it mostly to house helps and dry cleaning services for those with means.

This absence of a pragmatic solution for washing of clothes in Africa has contributed immensely to our dirty looking population, regular outbreak of skin diseases and low self-esteem of the population.

Pan African Community Wash provides multiple user facility for machine based washing, drying and ironing of clothes in a socially set environment offering relaxation and interactions with community publications.

Users simply use their bank cards to purchase coins accepted by the machines providing a rewarding sense of doing it yourself yet with the actual dependence on the machines to wash, dry and iron the clothes.

Pan African Community Wash is designed to serve 100 households each and designed to be on every street corner in Africa ensuring cleanliness and social bonding for the African people.

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