Elderly Care Homes

Honour your father and your mother that your days will be long and it shall be well with you is the first scriptural commandment with a promise to it yet Africans dump the aged in the villages with little or no care practically awaiting death.

Europe, America and other developed societies are littered with elderly care homes providing twilight day’s care to those who have laboured all their lives for the society while tens of millions of our elderly wait endlessly for pensions, gratuity for those who worked for government while those who didn’t look to heaven for any kind of cover.

The hundreds of thousands of jobs in care assistance which can easily be available for the youth is also lost because of the hypocritical position that families will take care of the elderly whom they never do because they don’t have the knowledge or the equipment required to do so.

Grey and Strong elderly care homes provide elderly care services for Africa’s elderly ensuring they enjoy their twilight days the same way those in Europe and America do bridging the development divide in a very important aspect of our lives as Africans.

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