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Create a Portfolio of Investment Returns

Our beloved continent Africa has suffered terribly from economic exploitation by foreigners who first came here from Europe 600 years ago. They introduced an economic system called Capitalism which promotes survival of the fittest and winner takes all. Through this economic system, we have remained in gross poverty simply because we cannot beat them at their own game making us the constant looser as they actually take all leaving us to beg for loans and AID. We must have our own game to guarantee our survival and dignity as a people.

The only vaccine for poverty is investment yet 99% of Africans have no investments whatsoever. The European masters taught us monthly salary as means of income but promoted investment returns as the durable means of income to their own people. This is the primary reason why we have hundreds of millions of people in poverty. The colonialists and imperialists also turned us to perpetual consumers with no stake in the production of what we consume denying us the opportunities to turn our buying decisions to our progressive development but instead leveraging on our buying decisions to build their nations, control our vast natural resources and dictate to our governments to our detriment.

This platform is the ONLY solution for Africa to experience economic deliverance, reduce poverty, create jobs, build social amenities, create countless family income opportunities and achieve economic independence.

Do not wait. Experience the Compassionate Capitalism revolution now by attending an online seminar by any one of the African teenagers leading the continent to economic independence.