Fresh Start Homes

Africa has a 70% housing deficiency and less than 2% home ownership. Housing and new estates is as important as living is in Africa yet new home construction remains at an abysmal rate year after year. In parts of Africa such as Nigeria, absence of housing for decades on end has led to landlords demanding 2 years upfront in rent creating unnecessary household tensions and family financial stress.

The poor availability of capital in our society due mostly to capital flight accounts for lack of consumer buying power in housing which comes through mortgages and the absence of construction finance which comes due to confidence in a viable mortgage system.

Fresh Start homes provide mechanism for the unending construction of middle class residential apartments for rent and ownership through mortgages leveraging on the power of consumer funding to stimulate the housing market.

Those who wish to become landlords can now easily do so since the bulk of the funding for construction is done by the public and only a part of it is required to begin enjoying the public induced stimulus.

The Flow Credit system also helps to secure mortgages for average people so sales of condominiums move faster than ever before while the OBF ‘Renters Insurance’ provides rent payment peace of mind to landlords.

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