M7 Agriculture Bank

Pan African Jurisdictional Development Secretariat with a section dedicated to helping African farmers embrace commercial agriculture while most of the facility is dedicated to helping Africans that fall under that jurisdiction access and improve their access to all basic human needs from jobs to housing, health care, student loans, elderly care, business capital, mortgages, emergency relief, power, water, IT, gender equality, disabled support, justice, environment, providing data driven rankings for the jurisdiction and development-divide-bridging solutions to the people in the jurisdiction.

M7 Bank is an umbrella covering all the major commercial activities that support the Compassionate Capitalism new African economy with each secretariat acting as collation and command hub for 2,000 supermarkets, supporting producers’ factories supplying to the supermarkets, countless social amenities development and assessment for the jurisdiction and so much more.

The 28 Apps of the Compassionate Capitalism revolution are all fully represented under the umbrella of the M7 Agriculture Bank providing face to face interaction for the subscribing public. There are only 600 M7 Banks that will be built in Africa with each serving 2 million people.

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