Phone Factories

One of the key areas where Africa is made to feel like a complete slave to economic imperialists is in the area of mobile phones and mobile devices consumption. The mobile devices market is 99.9% market control of foreign brands sending over $70 billion dollars in cash to foreign nations through their domicile of the production process and total ownership of brand equity and returns on investment returns.

Unfortunately, mobile phones and devices such as computer tablets are now a necessity for most Africans, a need and a must have for our teeming 1.3 billion people population hence we must support brands that can compete with the invaders of our economy in this industry.

No Dropout, in conjunction with Asian technical partners provides opportunity for African investors to become majority or marginal owners in mobile devices manufacturing through franchise of one of the manufacturing plants.

Each franchised plant produces 20,000 units of mobile devices each month for supply through the Redirect Mall Supermarket policy outlets. Five (5) of the franchised plants produce a brand named after one pan African helping to ensure that our story as a people remains with us and our heritage continues to the next generation.

Names such as Nkrumah, Mulumba, Nyerere, Sankara, Mandela, Kenyatta, Malcolm X and more become names of the phone brands. Africans will now use every day promoting our leaders, our ideals, our struggles, our history while retaining our money within our society and creating tens of thousands of jobs through the mobile devices production process.

There are only 2,000 phone production plants available for franchise in Africa.

Become majority owner of this franchised business operation.
Become a marginal owner of this franchised business operation.