Redirect Mall Supermarket

The core of Africa’s economic independence depends on the Supermarket Policy. Africans are the largest buyers of consumer products in the world and the supermarket policy helps to control their buying decisions to favour our society.

The supermarkets only stock products that have cut down their profits to provide investment points to Africans so they invest in countless number of commercial projects bringing returns to them and alleviating poverty in households.

The supermarkets have both online and offline presence enjoying the brand loyalty that comes from the continental corporate communications of the Black Wall Street enjoying the persuasive sales work of 7 million teenagers and thousands of celebrities as well as the requirements in accessing basic human needs by the M7 Development centres.

The supermarkets have a monopolistic hold on Africa’s economy hence the ownership is open to 1.2 million different people to ensure there are no individual dominance of the African economy and various franchise holders and the investing public can enjoy the prosperity ushered in by Compassionate Capitalism doctrine. Each Redirect Mall Supermarket Policy is designed to serve 1,000 households.

Become majority owner of this franchised business operation.
Become a marginal owner of this franchised business operation.