Organic UPAP and UPAP Franchise Series

The biggest gains in capitalism go always to the investors in a brand before it becomes a publicly known and used one. Companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, YouTube, Snapchat Zoom and more have turned many private investors to very rich people as these brands became household names. The Black Wall Street led economic revolution of Compassionate Capitalism is definitely not exempted from bringing these kinds of returns to investors in the African Continent and the Organic UPAP and UPAP Franchise Series are investments that provide the opportunity for these kinds of life altering returns.

As synonymous with Compassionate Capitalism, all Black Wall Street investments programs are accessed through product purchase, hence, the investment through product purchase identity of the BWS. Products are bought on Redirect Mall to score investment points and the points are used to invest in the BWS receiving returns from the projects. The Organic UPAP and UPAP Franchise Series are investments that are not specific to any particular project but cover the success of the entire platform.

How does it work for you?

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  • Use the investment points to enroll into Certificate 2 Earn courses or invest in projects that gives direct returns on the Black Wall Street.
  • Build your investment portfolio with the available investment projects on the Black Wall Street or your skills and capacity to earn with Certificates 2 Earn.
  • Experience lifetime economic prosperity through the benefits and revenue form the Black Wall Street.

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