UPAP & Covid-19-UPAP

Monthly financial support from international development through risk-free investment

About UPAP

  • Why are Africans poor? Africans are poor primarily because of the capital flight of $203 Billion dollars which leaves the continent every year to other countries developing them while our citizens and our governments have no money to do anything.
  • What is the Black Wall Street? The Black Wall Street is the engine of capital generation for the industrialization of the African continent and leverages on capital flight to provide capital to African owned corporations which in turn creates jobs, alleviates poverty and increase government tax revenues. The Black Wall Street also very importantly, provides a platform for average Africans to profit from investments which is the vaccine for poverty through the revenues of funded corporations listed on BWS by simply “buying Africa”.
  • The Black Wall Street is the only stock exchange system in the world that is 100% Risk-free because you only invest in companies through points gained from regular consumer product purchase.
  • What is COVID-19-UPAP? UPAP is the name of a Black Wall Street Stock which covers 25 basic Human Need Apps floated on BWS which gives the holders of the stock lifetime monthly returns of $100 for being the very first people to participate in the investment by product purchase program of BWS.
  • COVID-19-UPAP is a derivative of the original UPAP stock and designed by BWS to help Africans recover from the coming effects of the economic downturn through the lockdown from the pandemic of Covid19. It pays the same $100 per month for product purchase but for 9 months only at which point the contract terminates.

The Beneficiary Platform

  • The place where all economic activities are carried out including buying, sales, transactions, dividend payments, funding of corporations, workers login, suppliers access, shilling tracking, customer care, refunds, insurance, online show, community of pro African activities and so much more happens.
  • You will create an account on this platform signifying how many slots of COVID-19-UPAP that you want and through the account, you will pay for the product via redirectmall.com and also receive your earnings, submit your videos, transfer your bank account, even make more purchase and even greater investments.

Product, Terms, Enrollment

The “Buying Africa” Product to Purchase from redirectmall.com is No Dropout Computer Tablet.

UPAP: The computer tablet paid for by the family is of great value and also helps to increase IT literacy among the most disadvantaged people. The tablet costs $250 which is highly competitive price for the specifications though others with similar specifications and same price offer no financial benefits. Purchase of two (2) of the computer tablet gives you one (1) slot of UPAP.

COVID-19-UPAP: The cost for the computer tablet is $250 which is secured through the simple deposit of minimum $50 and balance is debited from the monthly benefits which begins 3 months after the deposit. The benefits continue for a period of 9 months.

We might have an ongoing promotion where you deposit less than the full cost of the product and pay off with your last month’s earnings receiving the product after 9 months of receiving the funds.

You must submit video of the testimonials every month through the platform to get the next month’s dividend.

One person cannot own more than 5 Covid19UPAP slots.

The 25 Companies

These are the 25 Pro-Development corporations which the families who participate in UPAP and COVID-19 UPAP become their shareholders or beneficiaries receiving their quarterly profits monthly. The companies cover the most basic aspects of economic development in creating a strong middle class, food security and strong infrastructure among the world’s most disadvantaged. The companies are projected to exceed $15 billion dollars per annum in profits. Learn More

OS: Android 9.0
Screen: 10.1” 1920 * 1200 FHD.
Processor: Octa Core
Memory: 3GB/32GB
Camera: 5.0 MP/13.0 MP
Battery: 6000mAh
Support: Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi
Application: Office, Chrome etc.
Sim Card: Dual Sim
Free Tablet Case.

Free Regular Tablet case. 1 Year Warranty.

Why it falls under buy Africa Category? -100% of profits are dedicated to building 25 African owned corporations.

We have an authorized payment representative in available in your country who can receive payment on our behalf in case you cannot pay using your bank card. They will forward the payment along with your details to us for processing of your presence into the beneficiary platform as well as shipment of the computer tablet within 14 working days directly to you when payment is complete.