Africans trade more with countries outside of Africa than with each other. Africans lose $506 billion dollars every year due to lack of inter trade among Africans. Our economic flow of commerce was designed by imperialists so all activities have an outward direction supporting importation of finished products at exorbitant prices and exportation of raw materials at exploitative prices.

This current exploitative system which is crying out vehemently to be addressed can only be extinguished by the establishment of new trade structures and new infrastructure for the successful control of the movement of goods from producers to warehouses and outlets which are the supermarkets.

The Warehouses help in the logistics and fulfilment for the hundreds of thousands of African producers that will be emboldened to manufacture because of the enabling environment created by the ethos of Compassionate Capitalism and the identical economies that results from a well-orchestrated flow of commercial activities.

There are 10 Warehouses designed to serve each jurisdiction and each warehouse is to support 1,000 different producers and 200 supermarkets.

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