Origin of BWS

Charles N . Lambert, few months after the discovery of a new version of capitalism which he called "Compassionate Capitalism" was blazing with quest for God and left London, UK to experience the ministries of Oral Roberts, Kenneth Hagin, TL Osbourne and countless more in what is known in the United States of America as the buckle of the Bible belt, Tulsa Oklahoma.

A short while after living in Tulsa Oklahoma, he was drawn to a ghetto part of the city known as North Tulsa which his hosts and everyone else discouraged him from venturing.

Lambert who had seen the likes of Peckam in London saw nothing to fear and kept visiting North Tulsa. In one of those visits, a few elderly residents educated him about the Black Wall Street which stood on the ground he now sees as ghetto.

Lambert was horrified and vowed to rebuild it. The journey towards rebuilding the BWS began in North Tulsa in December 2002 and led to the creation of Development Channel 25 companies, the economic war, the investment through purchase program and the BWS.

The BWS will be unveiled in Uganda (African Soil) in May 2021, exactly 100 years after the violent destruction by uninformed racist mob.