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Names set trends hence are pivotal to market penetration and retention. Your good name is priceless to us and we will not only guard it through responsible commerce but also pay you for your endorsement and promotion of our economic war efforts for Africa. This is a full time, external consulting position with the Black Wall Street. The Ambassador is the attractor of the public to the cause of the economic war and the redirect mall.

To be confirmed an Ambassador; the applicant must provide one AD production to test popularity to specific demographic of people. The response of this test advert will determine full confirmation as an Ambassador for the Black Wall Street (Minimum measure is 100 subscribed users from the test).

The test will provide earnings of $500 to $2,000 depending on the Ambassador’s audience. (Test budget is determined by the Endorsement Captain on a case by case basis).

The confirmed Ambassador receives an Ambassador Allowance of minimum $500 per month ( maximum determined by Endorsement captain in conjunction with management on a case by case basis).

Must be a proven celebrity, opinion leader, community influencer, or group leader to be considered.

(Note: Those who do not get confirmed as Ambassadors will be recommended to other positions by the System.)