Learn about BWS recipe and BWS Internal Army.

The victims of the centuries of exploitation of the African continent are African businesses. The invaders design and coordinate the continent as though there are no businesses or initiatives in Africa. The Black Wall Street is the refuge for African businesses.

The mission of BWS is to maximize the potential of every African business registered through the Pan African Free Trade Zone Incorporation.

There are 7 key Features of benefits you receive through a BWS listed Corporation offering a service for businesses through the popular Fulfillment Donkey brand.

  • Marketing and Sales of your products to target audience by Artificial Intelligence powered system
  • Customer Care and Support to your clients powered by Artificial Intelligence

  • Business administration records and business data management powered by Artificial Intelligence
  • Business Capital and loans access including public listing on BWS platform to attract $1Million dollars and above in capital if required
  • Access to business IT support in hardware and software including Artificial Intelligence powered IT consulting and recommendation
  • Access to inter-trade facilities for cross regional and Pan African business including payment facilitators and fulfillment facilitators
  • Legal, Accounting, Taxation, Insurance, PR and industry consulting services

Subscription to the Fulfillment Donkey service begins at $20 per month.
Pan African Incorporation costs only $55.