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Millions of people of African descent live in places far away from the continent, in Europe, America, Middle East and Asia. These Africans desire to have an economic connection with the continent but never find a platform that can provide resources and opportunities from the mother land.

The Black Wall Street platform is a dream comes true for Africans and people of African descent in Diaspora. The platform delivers clear and legitimate opportunities, tools, resources and support in three critical ways to those in Diaspora.

Investments- Africa holds the highest returns on investments in the world according to Financial Times. Despite that, we struggle to find investment interest coming into Africa. While many reasons could be manufactured for this unreal dilemma, we have rather provided opportunities for Africans in Diaspora to invest in African commercial projects through simple product purchase from Redirect Mall. No loss of capital, No risks.

Jobs- No level of legislation in foreign countries can provide the foundation to provide jobs to majority of Africans which will give the feeling of self-actualization more than from a job from Africa. Your Diaspora Value is truly only seen when you apply for an African centered job through the Black wall street Diaspora portal.

Projects- Living in Diaspora births too many ideas in a person that you want to bring back home and more often than not, the resources, tools, platform and other logistics fail you as a person living in diaspora. It becomes an opportunity for relatives to take advantage of you and old friends to pull you down. The BWS Platform erases this headache for Diasporas wishing to do projects in Africa through provision of all tools for project execution, monetization and maintenance. From legal to government to suppliers to contractors and marketing of the project and sales, your dedicated account on this platform can do it all and more.

BWS Diaspora Platform is the greatest economic asset to Africans in Diaspora.