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Massive Jobs for African Teenagers

For over 50 years, Africa has cried and cried for a way out of poverty for the people. A way to job creation, a way to increased quality of life, a way to better living amenities, a way to return on investments and a way to development. The answer is here- The Supermarket Policy.
Background on cause of the poverty in Africa

Poverty in Africa is 90% attributed to capital flight and the lack of production process in Africa. Europeans invented an exploitative economic tactic on Africa known as “Suck & Dump” where they suck the natural resources through phony deals with governments, manufacture the products in their societies and then return the finished goods to Africa milking anything else left of the pockets of Africans and shipping the funds to the development of their nations.

This exploitative tactic has also now been adopted by China putting us in a state where we never have Jobs, Supply contracts or Investment returns. The absence of these three things is the presence of poverty in Africa. Transformative nature of the supermarket policy for the society

    The Black Wall Street leads the pursuit of economic independence for Africa through the economic recipe known as “Trap and Reinvest” by replacing these exploitative products with pro African products on Redirect Mall providing investment points for the consumers for the same money they used to buy the products( See Lambert Formula - ). The impact of this formula can be summarized as follows:
  • Massive poverty alleviation through constant investment returns from thousands of independent projects.
  • Massive, dynamic and unending job creation in countless sectors in Africa through unending economic stimulus from the investment points.
  • Rapid industrialization of the African continent through unending funding of entrepreneurs and subsequent supply contracts.
  • Immediate Creation of 6 million sales assistant jobs for the Supermarket Policy holders.
  • Massive leap in government tax revenues through ignited economic activities.
  • Massive projects funding to increased housing and social amenities.
  • Destroys the negative hold of foreign imperialists over our destiny as Africans.

Supermarket Job opportunity
There are 6million budgeted jobs created under the Supermarket Policy opportunity with minimum $100 per month salary plus commissions. This is designed to erase a life of crime and youthful indulgence by offering income sources to Africa’s teeming teenage boys and girls from 16 to 19 years of age. These jobs are designed to support these youth as they go into higher institutions and early adulthood.

African teenage boys and girls with basic ability of using a smart phone along with courtesy, kindness, empathy, patience, tolerance and commitment to service of customers.

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