Learn about BWS recipe and BWS Internal Army.

Content determines market penetration and retention. If you are responsible for content for BWS, your role determines the fate of our organization in communicating to our relevant stake holders. The Editor is a full time job opportunity with the Black Wall Street and oversees the content development, production and publications in all the media markets assigned to you all over the world.

Just like anyone else applying for the internal army positions, Editors must be confirmed through initial individual efforts in conducting seminars using our web based seminar rooms to sell investment opportunities to prospects.

After confirmation, the Editor manages 10 producers and 100 news outlets , seeking the ability to directly convert their audience with very measured information. This period gives the Editor average earnings of $1,000 per day.

On confirmation of the 100 confirmed media outlets, the Editor receives a confirmed Salary of $5,000 per month, an official car and relocation to BWS Headquarters.

This position is ideal for people with passion for content development, writing, creativity, journalism and multi- media editing.

Must be a university graduate with minimum 5 years post-graduation work experience and Strong IT skills.

(Note; If you do not get confirmed as an Editor, you will be recommended for other positions by the System)