Financial Administrator

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This is a full time job opportunity with the Black Wall Street. The Financial Administrator (FA) oversees the activities of Payment facilitators as well as manages the migration of companies from registered businesses to listed corporations, helping African corporations generate capital and the public enjoy dividends from their ingenuity.

Financial Administrators (FA) must be confirmed through initial individual efforts in conducting seminars using our web based seminar rooms to sell investment opportunities to prospects.

After confirmation, the Financial Administrator manages 60 Payment Facilitators in seeking confirmation and ability to remove any transfer restrictions. This period gives the FA income of average $1,000 bonuses every day as long as the Facilitators have engaged their 100 Outlets each.

This position is ideal for people with banking, investments, finance, insurance, consulting and business related disciplines.

Must be a university graduate with minimum 5 years post-graduation work experience and Strong IT skills.

(Note; If you do not get confirmed as an FA, you will be recommended other positions by the System).
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