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Profit Immensely through BWS Recruitment Agent License for HR Experts

Do you have a training or background in Human Resource Management? Do you want to take your HR practice to the next level by running your own company or firm and working independently? The Black Wall Street HR license gives you the chance to achieve these goals and many more through your participation in its current recruitment of over 1.6million Indians in the India-Africa Technology Pact that brings highly skilled, passionate, and efficient workers from India to play a critical role in the development of the African continent. Read this article to learn more about this continental MOU:

How does it work for you?

  • Get a BWS Recruitment Agent License for HR Experts by completing the form below and get a link to your HR Agent on the BWS Platform.
  • Work independently with your license
  • Target applicants that are desired by the Black Wall Street and meet our requirements.
  • Conduct online orientation/presentations to interested applicants.
  • Support the applicants with BWS App download, subscription, and usage for the performance of their duties.
  • Earn commissions and bonuses from the App subscriptions from your applicants.
  • Hire 1,000 job applicants for the Black Wall Street with your initial Recruitment Agent license.
  • Get a chance to upgrade your license to higher recruitment numbers after renewing your license.

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So don’t wait to get your license today and become one of the top recruiters for the Black Wall Street.