Payment Facilitators

Processing Payments for Africa’s Economic War for Economic Independence
The Compassionate Capitalism Revolution is On.

The engine of capital generation for the industrialization of the African continent also known as the Black Wall Street is making offline appearance in 600 locations across Africa simultaneously, in furtherance of the recently signed Pan African free trade legislation by the African Union and 53 of our governments creating the largest free trade area in the world for us to take advantage. This offline appearance in 600 locations across Africa is designated by the appearance of the M7 Agriculture Bank and Development Secretariats. This facility represents the socio-economic development of Africa with each jurisdiction covering the profile and economic rankings for two million Africans in access to basic human needs.

The development secretariat furthermore provides private sector driven solutions to bridge the development divide through franchised business operations covering housing, health care, elderly care, food, and more required to improve the living standards of Africans simultaneously helping us to practically achieve the single market legislation of the African Union. You will be ONE OF THE 20 FINANCIAL administrators for this all important facility in this jurisdiction servicing 2 million Africans in various aspects of its multi-dimensional operations. Your role is specific to two basic functions. They include the coordination of 20 lead teachers overseeing 10 teachers each AND the coordination of payments from the public to salaries, bonuses, supplier payments and loan extensions. This position is considered part time and expectation from you is 20 hours per week.

    You receive a flat 1% commission on each fund you receive or transfer to any parties giving you a monthly income as a Payment Facilitator of $4,500 each month from funds transfer alone not including bonuses from teacher’s sales (projected $2,000+ per month income and personally originated deals, another $500 per month income). Training and guidance will be provided in an on-going manner for you in this regard. Apply to be a Payment Facilitator in one of the Jurisdictions for Africa’s development.