Payment Facilitators

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Movement of funds is critical to business processes and hence presents a huge opportunity for participants. This is a part time consulting position with the Black Wall Street. The Payment Facilitator is the wheel of the economic war, helping to move funds around all the important players from workers to supplies, investors and more.

To be confirmed a Payment Facilitator; the applicant must conduct advertising regularly to attain the rights to 100 Outlets attached to Redirect

These outlets will deliver average incomes of $300 to $1,000 per day for the Facilitator.

The Payment Facilitator withholding balance of $500 t0 $1,000 is deducted from the advertising earnings from the 100 Outlets.

The Payment Facilitators earn money through both transfers, paying workers or receiving from buyers.

The Payment Facilitator helps to migrate businesses from registered to Listed through working with the financial Administrators.

Must be above 30 years old with an e-commerce enabled bank card.

(Note: Those who do not get confirmed as Payment facilitators will be recommended other positions by the System.)
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