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Labour is critical to business processes and hence presents a huge opportunity for participants in recruitment and training of personnel. This is a full time, external consulting position with the Black Wall Street. The Recruiter is the assimilator of youth into the economic war workforce and portal.

To be confirmed a Recruiter; the applicant must conduct advertising regularly to attain the rights to 100 Youth processed every week into the Job Portal beginning as Redirectors.

These Redirectors will deliver average incomes of $400 to $500 per week for the Recruiter.

The confirmed Recruiters receive special support to provide trainings and confirmation for specialized tasks receiving 10% bonus on every confirmed Redirector for a specialized task.

Must be above 30 years old with experience in human resources, personnel administration, guidance and counseling, training and other human resources disciplines.

(Note: Those who do not get confirmed as Recruiters will be recommended other positions by the System.)