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The entrance into any platform must be led by ushers. Ushers are important to guide you on not just how to enter a platform but also in taking your position on that platform. Social Media Assistants are the ushers for the Black Wall Street platform. They play a critical role of leading advertising for page growth, engaging responses and leading them into usage of the platform in any of the 16 roles available.

BWS Social media Assistants are external consulting professionals with passion for social media and get rewarded for their work through contract salaries and performance bonuses from streaming advertising and ushering users of the platform.

BWS Social Media assistants receive a unique link to conduct the ushering work so each effort is rewarded with financial compensations. On the average , a BWS social media assistant should user in 100 new users of the platform work tool every week and receive a compensation of $500 each time this target of 100 is accomplished.

BWS Social Media Assistants who are very effective in the job of streaming and ushering, proven by conversion of 1,000 users, receive a starting contract salary of $200 per month to provide customer service support to users both on social media and on the BWS platform.

Applicants receive funds for advertising through their account on the platform after they have achieved a minimum of 10 Switch Now conversions from their personal efforts upon enrollment while also receiving commissions for the conversions.

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