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If Africa can access only 40% of the money its populace spend buying products whose entire production and returns process goes to people in foreign countries, the wonders $100billion dollars would do in job creation, development, infrastructure and general living conditions cannot even begin to be measured.

The Africans who will commit themselves in their buying decisions to buy only from Redirect Mall are being rewarded for doing this patriotic act by answering “Investors” hence receiving returns from the Black Wall Street, partner to Redirect Mall and the platform where these funds from profit of the product purchase are invested into corporations with high returns.

When you buy products from Redirect mall, you score points and these points qualify you to invest in ongoing projects by companies listed on the Black Wall Street and you will earn cash returns on investments from this investment but without taking any risks because you never invested any cash but simply buying pro African products.

This system was created to destroy poverty among Africans and ensuring that every dollar you spend in life somehow comes back to you.

Special Program on Mobile Devices
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  • You might not need to change your phone now but join Switch Now to get your next phone from Redirect Mall getting financial benefits from the Black Wall Street.
  • Switch Now qualifies you for returns of $100 per annum for 10 years from the Black Wall Street.
  • Deposits for Switch Now are Not refundable as it immediately pays for both production and facilitators
S W I T C H    N O W